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Design Options Manager - Dimensions


Im looking for a way to get my Dimensions working throughout multiple Design Options. If I break my plan up into individual areas or zones ie Living Zone, Bedroom Zone, Master Suite, I then complete a set of dimensioning ensuring that all the associated dims are relinked to their corresponding "Zones"


Now when i go to create a duplicate of say the living zone, half the dims disappear, plus if any dims associated with a window or door opening seem to remain static and not move if the window has moved in the new design option.


Any idea how to get the dims to latch the window as an object or am i having to re dim the plans each time?


Any help appreciated






Operating system used: Windows Build 5003






Barry Kelly

Dimensions are associated to the elements.

So if you place a window in a particular design option, you also need to dimension it in the same design option.

The window and the dimension will need to have the same design option.


Same with the kitchen/family.

You need to dimension that room in each of the design options.


Now your choice is, to break the dimension line up, so that part of it is in the main model and the other parts are in each design option.

This means you won't have one continuous dimension - not a problem if you are happy with that.

You can join them later (once you have chosen and merged the design options with your main model) - select one dimension and CTRL click to add the others to it.


Or to dimension the whole dimension line in each design option - this will include the main model but the actual dimension will belong to the design option.

So you don't have the dimensions in the main mode (except for those parts of the main model that do not change with options).

When you merge the option with the main model, the dimensions will be a part of the main model and will already be one continuous dimension line.



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Thanks for that Barry, not 100% what i need but using this info I'll see what i can do to make a work around.





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