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Door schedule position Garage not exterior


My door schedule lists the position. Exterior and interior.  Which is already set up in the door object.


How can I add' Garage' to this drop down function?

I tried searching position but in the properties but can't find it so wondering whether this option comes from somewhere else



Gerry Leonor

i don't think you can...


the properties grouped in ORANGE are hard-coded into each 3D element, apart from the Element ID, which is customised.

the properties in BLUE & below it are all derived from the Property Manager.


hopefully i'm not jumping the gun, but if i can understand what you're trying to do -- you're trying "semi-manually" add room locations for each door / window using the Position property in the IDs & Categories Property Group. i believe those are coded into each 3D element & can't be changed.


what you need to be doing is to use Zones each with varying room names (Living Room / Garage / Kitchen) & have the doors & windows be associated to them by making sure they're encompassing the door/window that needs to be scheduled. then in the Schedule Scheme Settings, make sure to include the Zone name/number that these doors/windows belong to. 

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I thought that might be the case.

For simple projects we have all doors together. The external doors and the internal doors. My colleague has also a garage with shed (3 different garage and shed doors) which we want to include.


To make it simpler when reading the schedule and to find and check things I used the position property  in the schedule. Like all internal doors have a specific manufacture and requirements. External come from different manufacturer etc.


Graphisoft helpline was showing me that this is already available but at that time we were looking at a project without garage. 


At the moment those garage doors are listed but have the undefined option.


If I use zones then it refers to individual rooms which is more what we wanted. Maybe Ilwe need to.add a textbox over it (I hate that) or write my own property with drop down option....


I came across the option relating the doors to zones and someone having an issue with relating to the wrong zone (if between 2 rooms with 2 zones. Our shed doors for.example are open outwards into the garden. How would that work?

Gerry Leonor

i would still go with using the zones over trying to 'semi-manually' change the door location by using Properties. Zones are just much better.


in saying that, there are a few tricks to using zones.

  • we use 2 zone types:
    • Building Zones (these specifically deal with any area calculation for Town Planning purposes. the boundaries are aligned with whatever rules & regulations dictate where m² is calculated from/to) (we only show them on large format plans like Site Plans)
    • Room Zones (these are specifically for calling up room locations of anything that needs to be scheduled; doors/windows/furniture/etc)
    • both zone types can overlap each other (we don't care that they do), but each type belongs to separate layers.
  • Ensure that the Saved View of the Door/Window Schedule has a layer combination where only the Room Zones are turned on & Building Zones turned off. otherwise, the zones will not appear in the schedule even if you have the other layers turned on. we typically have the same layer combo for our schedule as with our floor plans.
  • ensure that the Room Zones are in the correct Renovation Status.
  • be wary of how the boundary of adjacent Room Zones are laid out.
    • eg. if i have a door that i want to call up as belonging to Office 3 & not the Corridor zone, i ensure that the boundary for the Office 3 zone is 5mm past the wall that the door belongs to & that the Corridor zone is at least 5mm off from touching the wall that the door belongs to. this ensures that said door is only surrounded by the Office zone & not the Corridor zone.
    • GerryLeonor_1-1690263225813.png


    • there is an option for the door that says "Door belongs to the zone into which it opens", with a check box -- it doesn't always work 100% of the time. this is why use offset zone boundaries.
  • avoid overlapping of Room Zones. this can cause issues of calling up zone locations for doors/windows.
    • if you're worried about the Shed Doors being present in 2 zones (Shed zone VS Garden zone), we do the screenshot below:
      • GerryLeonor_2-1690263519011.png


      • yes, it goes way past the wall in a weird Gerrymandered way, but that's the point of these Room Zones. They are specifically for calling up scheduled items & not for area calculation -- that purpose is for the Building Zones.

Zones aren't perfect, but these are our workarounds.

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