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Drawings jumping on layouts

I am having a glitch in one file only (in version 22). I first noticed this problem because I tried re-linking a plan drawing on a layout (I always crop my first floor plan to look nice, then copy the drawing to another layout and re-link the drawing to the second floor plan so that the plans line up perfectly). The second floor plan jumped on the page and was no where close to aligning with the first floor plan. I did some investigating and learned that whenever I redefined the view settings (by clicking "Get Current Window's Settings" in the View Settings), my drawings change position on the layout. The drawing on the layout is set to have a "Manually resized frame." The boundaries stay in the same position as originally drawn but the drawing moves inside that frame. The problem seems to only be with plan views. I have compared a normal functioning project side by side with this one and I believe I have all the same settings selected. I tried saving new views, but those still had the same problem. I also tried saving the file as a solo project, but the problem persisted.

Graphisoft's "solution" was to redefine the view settings of the first floor, navigate up a story and redefine the view settings of the second floor so that they are both saved with the same zoom. I'm sorry, that is not a solution. I re-link every plan view to align perfectly on the layouts (floor plans, structural plans, mechanical plans, electrical plans, etc.). There are 3-4 plans for each category. I am not about to manually re-save all of those views with the exact same zoom and still risk things moving if a team member re-saves the view with a different zoom. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?
Versions 11 to 22
Dell Precision T1650, i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 64-bit

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Unofrtunately, it doesn't work for me either. I have exactly the same problem as the original post, but I have the problem even after Open and Repair.

It's really annoying and extremely time consuming. Especially on larger projects where there is a need to re-link a whole set of Layouts to new Project Views.

I'm quite sure that it is the file that is buggy in our case. It is a Archicad 20 file migrated to 22 and we've had some other minor issues with it before, but this is a big one.

Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Thank you for sharing the issue, and I am very sorry about the experience!

We've seen a couple of cases with similar symptoms, however, it is almost always a problem that it is hard to catch what exactly triggers the jump, since the layout update doesn't have to follow the trigger immediately.

The issue and how it behaves are different from case to case. For example, in one case, if we change zoom in a rotated view and update it with the option "get current window's settings", it changes its position on layout.
On another one, after the drawing is updated (and jump to a new position), it won't happen ever again.

Some of them have been found and fixed in an update, therefore, I would like to make sure that ARCHICAD is always updated. Other than that, I can only recommend raising this issue to the local partner, or share the file directly to me so that our Technical Support team can dive deeper into what is causing the issue.

Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer


this is 2022, think it might be the view setting set to "zoomed area" instead of "current zoom".



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