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Grid lines have the wrong height in IFC


Hi all,


I am a BIM specialist for a contractor, so I don't model myself. We received a model from an architect which includes the gridlines, however the gridlines are not shown on the right heights. 


I am myself only familliar with Revit and not Archicad. Is this something that is easy to change within Archicad?


picture 1.png


You can adjust the 3D view for grid elements via this dialogue 


 In Archicad you can select Grid tool and press Ctrl+A to select all grids then via the Info Box open the grid element selection settings then 3D View panel.

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It is easy. The model you received has a grid copy in each story. Instead there should be only one grid which is visible on each story floor plan. Both, the grid visibility on different stories and it's placement hight can be controlled in the construction grid settings UI window. The author should delete all but one construction grid on whatever story he or you want it to be. With that grid activated in Archicad, go to it's settings window and adjust the marked settings:


For IFC export the construction grid is already set as it exported on first attempt. Does it have the IfcGridAxis entity definition?


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Thanks both of you for the help, it is correct now. @Miha_M Yes it had the correct entity definition.

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