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Is it possible to save the dimesion with particular text content settings

Isaac Newton

Good time of the day, gentlemen


I need to place on the sections the dimensions that would reflect both the elevations relative to the project zero and the sea level:


I'd like, however, to do that simply by clicking on the certain object and have those two dimensions displayed automatically. I'm trying to use favourites for this purpose, however, simply using eyedropper and syringe for each of those dimensions would also do. Nevertheless, so far, I've only succeded to extract and reapply the properties of the level mark itself, but not the text that should be displayed:



The eydropper also pick ups only the the properties of the mark but not of the text.


As a result that's what I'm having when I'm coppying those properties:



While that's what I need it to be:


Could you please help me to be able to save those settings for the elevation demensions somehow, and place them automatically in a more rapid fashion?



If you select the text part of all the dimensions you want to change one by one, (I can't think of a quick way to do that just now), and then Ctrl+T to edit the text, you can then add the required text / Autotext values once and you should see the results you want in all the selected dimensions.

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

Hi, it's not possible to do what you want with favorites nor eyedropper because they only can transfer parameters.

What you want to transfer is a custom dimension text. But there's a fast way to do it, see below. If you have already set a custom dimension text you can first copy the text in the multiline box and past it at point 4 rather than recreate it.    

Cotes de niveau 1.png

Cotes de niveau 2.png

Cotes de niveau 3.png


Cotes de niveau 4.png

Cotes de niveau 5.png

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