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Issue after change of gdl label

Jonas Krieg


We have an issue with wrong values after changing (overwriting) our gld labels.

If in the gdl label, an autotext variable is replaced by another autotext, still the value of the previous autotext is shown. This is very confusing 8-)

(It is documented in the attached PDF)

Does anyone know how to fix that? Thanks in advance!

ArchiCAD 25 5005
MacOS 11.6.3 / MacOS 12.3


Hi Jonas,

A few things you need to consider - if not already - 

- an object based label (save-as) is still part of the library (embedded or otherwise). changes to the already placed labels will require you to update your libraries.

- Objects save their own values temporarily in the file (not recalculated second by second, nor on screen refresh.redraw.

- Be aware of using the object label across projects: the object will try to find a Property that may not have the same GUID in the new file. This could make it quite fragile if you're not careful.


Simple Autotext Label not an option?

Nando Mogollon
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Jonas Krieg

Dear Nando

Thanks for your fast reply!

Unfortunately, even reloading the library (embedded or as a local folder) doesn't help.

We wanted to replace the zone stamps with labels, because we would be much more flexible. E.g. show a Archicad property (expression) in bold font, which is not possible in the standard swiss zone stamp.

But it seems there is a big risk of not showing the correct values, so maybe we remain with the good old zone stamps for a while.


ArchiCAD 25 5005
MacOS 11.6.3 / MacOS 12.3

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I think, if I remember correctly, this behavior has to do with the fact that any GDL library part that has a parameter will make a distinction between the default value of the parameter as defined at its creation, and the instance-level value of that parameter as stored in a placed instance of the library part.

So, when you modify those Autotexts, then save them under the same name, overwriting the previously saved Label library part, it will change the default value for those parameters, but it will not change the values of those parameters in already placed instances.

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Jonas Krieg

Dear Laszlo
Thank you very much for the clarification! Unfortunately, you seem to be right. But is there any way to reset the saved values in already placed labels?
(I myself think that it is very dangerous to have a tool that you can't rely on 100%. At the end of the day, as architects, we need to focus on accurately modeling our buildings, not on technical issues and workarounds.)

ArchiCAD 25 5005
MacOS 11.6.3 / MacOS 12.3

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