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Layout Book


Hi All,


I just wondered what everyone does in relation to the layout book on their template and how they handle the different stages of a project. Does everyone have layouts set up for each stage - concept, design development and working drawings/construction drawings? or do they create the required layouts at each stage. I have always had them set up on my template but this seems to add alot of size to the project.






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You need to look at what you are doing and make those decisions on what is of benefit and what isn't but can easily be added back if required. I typically just recycle my last job, but if you have a steady and wide ranging set of projects it may be worth having more than one template e.g. small residential, Industrial, commercial etc.

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Yeah that all make sense but recycling the previous job doesn't really work as they end up messy. I've done some testing and if I have the layouts set up and then just place the drawings each job - that does the job.