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MEP Equipment Favourites Missing in v27


Ever since Graphisoft implemented MEP Tool into standard Archicad some of the "Objects" defaulted to using MEP / Equipment Tool. For example 'Basin 27', 'Air Conditioner 27' just to name a couple.


Ever since v27, all my "Equipment Tool" favourites are no longer showing in my pallet. All other tools are working fine.

When I try to recreate them, I get an error saying that the name is already in use. So they existing but are not visible and cannot be overridden (or deleted).


Has anyone come across this issue and if so, have you been able to resolve it. I realise that I can save the favourites under a different name but that they existing in the background bothers me.

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That is one of the many details that the current MEP tool has.
I recommend that while it is not functional it is better to use version 26.
Until an update to version 27 or perhaps even 28 comes out, we will have this and other details resolved.

Barry Kelly

Sorry for the late reply, but I only just thought of this.

I am not sure if it will work, but may be worth a try.


It must be because of the new MEP object being different to the old ones.

You will need to delete the old favourites as you said, but not easy as you can't see them as you have realised.


So, if you have a file in version 26 that has all of the favourites that you want, open it up.

Delete all of the MEP favourites.

Now save the file (name it as you wish).

In 27 file. import the favourites from that saved 26 file (change import type to .PLN).

Make sure you choose the option to 'delete all before import' (arrow next to import button).

This should leave you with all of your favourites, except the MEP ones.

Hopefully now you can re-create them with the names that you want.



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Thanks for the suggestion Barry.

This crossed my mind at the time but I did a massive template and favourites clean-up (updating parameters and renaming many of my favourites) so going back to the previous set was not really a good solution for me.


It got me thinking again though and this is how I resolve the issue and was able to recreate those faves witrh identical names.


- Open v27 template

- Export all favourites to file

- Import favourites with file just exported (within same PLN / TPL file) 

- Deselect individual favourites which did not transfer correctly as they show on the import list even though they do not once imported


- Recreate favourites


Hope it helps someone else if they are having the same problem.

ArchiCAD 10 - 25 | Windows 10
ARCHIcreate | Perth, Western Australia
archicad solutions | content creation | training | software implementation

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