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Plans with and without dimensions


Just wondering how ppl are creating their plans with and without dimensions?


I have always done it with layers which means having different layers for each type of drawing.


Just wondering if ayone had found a way to do it using another method. Im suprised Dimensions are not included in Model View options


I read that someone used renovation filters but couldnt find a way to make it work.




You could pin the dimensions to a renovation filter set, then they are only visible on that set.


Alternatively the partial structure display options will only show dimensions on the one setting, but this option will also affect visibility of skins & load bearing ect.


*Edit - also you can't change a dimension from one setting to another, you have to remake the dim string... 😞


The reno idea is interesting though, post back here if you have success...

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Thanks. How do you pin to a renovation set? 



Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 3.02.37 pm.png

you can do this for almost any element in Archicad, but if you do then it's only ever visible on that renovation filter, nowhere else.

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i think in my opinion the best practice would be using layers instead of using the renovation filters. what if one day you'll have a project that needs to use that renovation filter then your in work flow you are using renovation filter as a way to hide dims rather than layers it would be more confusing in your end. 😄

In the end what is your Objective?
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Layers is the way to go. Placement by reno filter can be an unnecessary complication for managing the drawing views. I know sensibly dimensions are usually assigned their own layer(s) and managed with partial structure display (PSD), but I tend to create an annotation layer for each discipline / drawing type and just bundle all relevant 2D notes on that layer e.g. general arrangement, structure, services etc. 

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with regards, to layer management how do you address dims in different scales? since dims doesn't automatically adjust to certain scales. for example i got dims for 1:100, 1:20, 1:1000 do you also provide layers and favorites for each scales? 🤔

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

Ok, thanks


This is how I have traditionally done it, through layer combinations for each drawing type. Dims on, Dims off.


The main modelling elements will all be the same for each scale - so only one set of layers needed for those.

But annotation (text and dimensions) will generally have to be set in different positions for each scale - so create annotation layers for each scale.

And of course layer combinations to control the layers.

And you will want favourites to automatically set each layer for your annotation - unless you want to set that manually as you annotate.



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