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Problems with a HP DesignJet 500

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We purchased a HP DesignJet 500 42" model two weeks ago to replace our old 350. The biggest reason we got it was because the paper was roll fed so we could send a bunch of plots to it and go home. For the first few days we had it connected via a USB cable and then we purchased a JetDirect card to network it. From the very first plot it was cutting the paper at the wrong size. We specified paper sizes in the driver, in PlotMaker and on the plotter itself (24"x36"). It still cuts at the wrong size. We have installed seven different drivers and it still cuts at the wrong size. We installed a new HPGL2 card, and it still cuts at the wrong size. We tried plotting from PlotMaker 2.3, 3.1 and 9 and it still cuts at the wrong size. We created a new layout book on a different system in a different state, and it still cut at the wrong size. I sent a .pln file to Graphisoft support and they were able to get it to cut at the right size! I've been on the phone with HP the entire week and they are telling me it's our network. Our network consists of two hubs and four computers. We have tried every single setting combination between the driver, plotter and PlotMaker and it still cuts at the wrong size. Today, we had someone come in with a Mac (all of our machines are running XP Pro) and it still cut at the wrong size for him. What I would like to know is has anyone else come across a problem like this? I think something is screwed up with the plotter itself, but HP won't say it. Can anyone help fix our new $4,000 paper weight?

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I had this exact same problem when I first got my HP plotter.

The fix is actually pretty simple, but really stupid.

For some reason, the HP plotter drivers need to be the first drivers installed. I had to de-install all printer drivers for all printers, including your HP and any other printer that may be installed.

Only install one HP driver, the one you plan on using. You mentioned you have an HP/GL2 card. Is this the physical card. If not, don't bother installing the HP/GL2 driver because it won't work, even if HP says it will.

After all drivers are uninstalled, install the HP driver(one only) first, restart your computer, and then install the drivers for any other printers you may have.

This worked for me.

Hope it works for you.


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I tried what you suggested and it still didn't work. At the moment neither Graphisoft nor HP have any idea what this could be.

is the firmware current for both the jetdirect & dj500?
what os are you using?
have you tried plt files to plotflow?
tim hanagan
aaha! design studio durango, co
27" retina 5k iMac 4ghz i7 os 10.13.6 m395x 4 mb, 32gb ram, 512 gb ssd ac 22 current
15" retina mbp 2.6ghz 1mb 16gb ac 22 current[/size]

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The firmware is current for both the plotter and jetdirect card and we are running XP Pro. Also I have tried running the files through PlotFlow and it doesn't change the outcome.

Ok, I just got off the phone with HP and they said that this plotter puts a 17mm leading and trailing hard margin on the paper and because my title block is 23" wide I will never get a 24" piece of paper out of it. But, if I select "small margins" on the plotter front panel and select "use margins of device" in the plotter options in PlotMaker I can get the full image to print and cut at 23.5"! Anybody else heard of this?

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