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Speed / Productivity issue with layouts

Haneef Tayob
I'm currently busy with a relatively large project with approximately 100 A1 sheets set up in it, with a few external links to other archicad .pln file spread throughout.

I just find myself becoming extremely frustrated when I need to quickly print a full set. The updating just takes so long. I can easily wait over an hour.

I've also tried options where the layouts are in a separate .pln file. That option seems quicker to work on the model, but printing takes longer as different sessions of archicad are opened during updating.

I've set most sections to be manually updated, but plans are left on auto update. I've also split up schedules and detail layouts into other separate .pln files to minimise the number of layout in one file.

Any tips / suggestions? Is my pc too slow?
Haneef Tayob
Aziz Tayob Architects
AC23 INT rel 3003, OS X 10.14.6 iMac 3.3ghz i5 dual monitor, 24GB RAM
Juha wrote:
We have a project with 22 floors. The project leader had made 4 elevation variations to another PLP-file and we tried to link them to the main team project just a few hours before the deadline. What happened?

The ArchiCAD opened background ArchiCADs and started to generate the linked file's floor plans from bottom up even if the facades were not linked/live anymore. No need to say waiting for 4x22 floorplans generating before getting the needed elevations to the layout took hours (too long) and did not meet the deadline even close.
I'm not sure why you're seeing this. I've routinely linked one or two views from multiple files (like a single detail from a 12-floor PLP) without that problem.
Tom Waltz
Not applicable

The project was/is made with version 10 and it has not been tested with 11.
Maybe this has been fixed in 11, it would be great.

Best regards, Juha

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