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Trim walls under stair in plan view


Hey! Im trying to create a wall that is underneath my stair, This was easy to do in 3D, as i just used solid Element Operations, but this is not reflected in plan view. In the posted image i want the part marked in red to be hidden, as it is in reality under the stair, and therefore should not be seen until it is in the dashed/overhead part. I feel like ive tried everything, and videos online seem to use solid element operations and just getting the wanted effect out of the box! Im also leaving an image of an old archicad video where this effect is working. Hope anyone knows!





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Karl Ottenstein

Solid Element Operations (SEOps) have never been reflected in any floor plan view.  This has been a long-term item on the Wish list.


Trim/crop (to roof) operations are reflected in the floor plan, which is what you might have seen in an old video.

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Draw Order. Set the draw order of the stair above that of the wall, then ensure that you have a solid fill for your uncut section and a transparent fill for your hidden section.



Stair Selection Settings => Stair => Floor Plan Display => Grid & Structure

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If your Wall is under a straight Stair flight, then you could also place a polygonal Opening into the Wall to cut out the triangular shape of the sloping Stair flight from the top of the Wall. That would result in a better Floor Plan representation for the Wall, and then you could still use Drawing Order to bring the Stair in front of the Wall.

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