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document tools not working in elevation



I have a couple of issues here. On a project I had an issue creating contours from polylines. The Magic Wand wasn't creating the contours. I looked around online and found that I may have needed to reset my preferences. I followed the instructions but still had the same problem. Come to find out, I had to recreate the base mesh for the contours to be created on.


Here is where my issues happen.


I open another project, and immediately on the layout the floor plans show the minimal spaces for doors and objects. I go to the working plan but they don't show up there. I've checked my MVO and it's turned off. I turn them on then off and they disappear. BUT they'll come back once the view is regenerated. Again, they only show up on the plan on the layout and not on the plan in the view map. I also am not able to document in the elevation views from the view map other than what has already been documented. 


I'm guessing resetting the preferences did something, but I have NO IDEA where to go from here. 


Any help would be very much appreciated. 


Thank you. 


Here is the link to the process i followed when cleaning the preferences:

I figured it out. It was my renovation filter. Sorry. Still new to this over Revit. 

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