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"Connection Failed" driving us crazy

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PM 9 Mac OS X

It seems I can't do anything in Plotmaker (open a file, save a file, update a drawing) without coughing up a error message saying:

Connection Failed
The server may not exist...

What bums me out so much about this is...I don't know what server PM is talking about. All my drawings point to existing volumes and files; there was a period when they didn't - we rearranged our server temporarily after a hard disk failure. Perhaps I'm experiencing some kind of hangover from that period.

But nonetheless, I should be able to fix it, and fixing the problem would be aided greatly if I knew a) what server PM is so concerned about, and b) what reference in the layout file is pointing to that server. The problem varies across files, but I feel like the problem has spread somewhat owing to each of our layout files and having ancestral relationships with all the others.

I'm not kidding, collectively we must "OK" this warning message over 100 times a day, and I have NO idea what Plotmaker is talking about.
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have you tried contacting your reseller and/or GS tech support? They may be able to help you figure out a way to solve it.

I have had trouble with PM not understanding path names for linked files if any of the folders containing the pln's get renamed. Perhaps you renamed the server in your shuffling?

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I fixed this problem with the help of Graphisoft tech support, who responded privately to my post (why privately? Isn't the benefit of the forum that these solutions can be teased out amidst the benefit of many minds and hours of experience??).

The solution can also be found in the GS knowledge base database.

I won't post the blow-by-blow description, since it is available as described above, but the short answer is that by turning off CrossPlatformMountingFeatures in the ArchiCAD and Plotmaker prefs the "Connection Failed" error stops being invoked. We are a Mac-only office.

The reason the fix is more than a one line set of instructions, is that the pref change needs to be made directly to the .plist XML file. This is easily accomplished using the Terminal and following the instructions given by GS.

Aladar Kish
The solution can also be found in the GS knowledge base database.
Could you post a link to it.
AC 4.2 - AC 24 7006 FRA
mac OS 11.6.7
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Here is a link to the helpful article I referenced:

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