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Use a Group of Fills to create/add/substract into a morph/slab


This issue is driving me crazy and I don't know if there is even a solution to it.

What I am trying to do: Say you have your GIS 2D map with all your roads, grasslands, water and other features and everything is neatly combined in groups. I want to make meshes/slabs out of them and then with solid element operations to substract/add them from a terrain mesh. This requires ofc to turn all these elements into something solid first.



Problem is, you can't turn them into a solid all at once but you have to select them one by one. Even worse, if the element is making a loop (say, a road that encircles a grass field), then the selection will create an area including the inner one, resultling in having to substract the inner area afterwards 

All this is incredebly time consuming and I am trying to find a workflow of making urban contexts in archicad easy.




Operating system used: Windows

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

This would be very easy to do with the Archicad-Grasshopper Connection.

Using a Grasshopper command, you can select a group of elements in Archicad and use them as source. Then, based on their geometry, you could generate those Meshes/Slabs from Grasshopper.

Might be worth taking a look at that workflow.

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Hi Laszlo,

Unfortunatelly Rhino is not an option but yeah that would be sweet.

It  would be nice if Graphisoft gave a comprehensive guide on how to make contexts easy based on actual 2D/3D urban situations because I really can't find a cohesive one so far and without 3rd party paid plugins



To help you can use the Profiler Add-On witch is in the Goodies suite.

Select a group of Fills, Extrude them with the Add-On will create a 3D object on plan but oriented horizontally.

You can then convert this object to Form and Rotate and Move it to the right position.












ArchiCad 3.43 to 26
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