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section marker extents

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Similar to how an Elevation Marker can move independently of the elevation view plane, is there a way to make the Section Marker heads in plan move independently of the actual Section View window extents?

I understand you can place a Section Marker head in the middle of the section line, but the truth is that is not a known or acceptable graphic standard for section markers in my region (Eastern US).

I need a smaller scale building section window extent to extend to the property line, but the marker head at the ends of the section line in plan would not appear on a plan view Layout window. Please tell me there's a way to make the marker head and corresponding view extents operate independently. Surely I don't have to recreate a linked Section Marker in plan just to reference my widened section view. This seems like such a common sense, straightforward feature to me.

Thanks in advance.
Erwin Edel
You can place sections that are linked to an existing section on each story to suit your needs, but might find that more cumbersome than faking it in layout.

I ussually make the section as big as it needs to be for the actual section itself (the things it cuts through) and then copy the drawing on the layout and resize it to just be the marker head and copy that around as needed. It's not ideal, but creating markers for every story isn't ideal either.
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Brett Brown
So it is now 2019, such a basic thing to have the cross section head at a different position on each of your plan views, and even on the source view.
I have been using Masterscript's Section Elevation offset marker that does this easily for years. Only problem is that this marker does not generate a hyperlink. Same for his Detail Marker.
So my question is how has everybody been showing the cross section marker head in a different position than the source view on all your plan views where you don't want it the same?
Like to hear about all your workarounds.
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Eduardo Rolon
The only workaround without using MS_marker is to use 2 section markers, one that generates the view and extends as you need and another as a "link" that is the one that will print. Not ideal and way overdue for it to be addressed.
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another Moderator


Just digging up this topic.


Has there been any advancement on being able to move section heads?

It seems such a necessary item....

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There is another workaround.

I haven't used it in practice yet, but it goes like this:
When creating a Worksheet from a plan, Section Markers which extend beyond the worksheet frame align automatically to the defined frame, so you get the result you want very easily, but in a 2D worksheet that has to be manually rebuilt. Also, the result has a polyline indicating the  worksheet frame, which also has to be erased after every rebuild.


So the remaining question is - Why can't Drawings act the same as Worksheets and align the markers to fit in the frame?!

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