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view orientation vs. model rotation

Dave Brach

I usually orient the building so that north is up on the screen, but sometimes to fit the building on the layout I want north to be facing left on the screen.  Is there a difference between changing the view orientation to 90° vs. selecting the entire model and rotating it 90°?

Dave Brach/architect
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It is better to use view orientation than rotating the model to prevent unnecessary adjustments with your textures, fills etc. basically you'll just save a new view with the rotated view orientation then re-link it back to your layout. 😁

In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

I try to avoid rotated views in my View Map, better to set up an Ortho view that suits your presentation. I seem to have trouble in rotated views with elements rotating unexpectedly or not rotating when needed. For output I do rotate the drawings on the Layout to fit the sheet where necessary, for PDF or Paper this isn't a big issue, but more of a thing on BIMx.

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