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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Conditional branching (again) - use of IFS

Jim Allen

I really struggle with multiple conditions in GDL.


The IFS command seems to be the simplest and does what I want but the AC27 GDL editor doesn't like it.


I'm building a parametric manhole object, and need to set the size based on the depth and number of branches.


The parameters are these:

  • If there are more than 3 branches in the manhole (from the user inputs) - set the manhole length to 1370
  • If the manhole depth is greater than 900 (and there are fewer than 3 branches) - set the manhole length to 1250
  • If there are exactly 3 branches in the manhole (and the depth is greater than 900)- set the manhole length to 1030
  • Otherwise (if depth is less than 900 and there are fewer than 3 branches) - set the manhole length to 800


This would seem to do what I want according to the  user guide (

IFS (numbranches>3, mhlength=1370, ZZYZX>900mhlength=1250,numbranches=3,mhlength=1030,TRUE,mhlength=800)
Yet I get this error when it is checked:

Missing CALL keyword (not recommended)

at line 56 in the Master script of file BG_Manhole_Rect_v0.1.gsm


Obviously I'm doing something wrong, I'm just not sure what. Any ideas?

Archicad 27 UKI | OS X 12.7.1 Monterey

Hey Jim, you're conflating GDL with Expressions here. So no wonder it does not work. What do you actually want to do?

GDL does not support IFS.

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A_ Smith

scroll to IF 

AC 22, 24 | Win 10



Thanks makes sense - pity...


It's all documented in the original post - I think.

I'm going to have to turn that into horrible nested statements. I hate the GDL implementation of conditional branching ...grr...


On a more positive note, I'm going to use your LocatorLX script as a template for the 2D labels, most of the scripting is done, so that will save a lot of time.

I should then have some nice parametric manhole objects I can drop into a model use as connection points for drain runs, and schedule.

Archicad 27 UKI | OS X 12.7.1 Monterey