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More than a year ago I started a process in my long running passion project that includes the modeling of no less than FIVE sports arenas, most of which are all but complete with one major omission.  It took me years to find a company that markets stadium seats. When I did find one that had seats that were close enough to what I wanted to use to populate my arenas, the objects I was able to download were in REVIT. I learned how to make the conversion to Archicad V22 Solo which is what I am working with. There were some aspects of the seats that I needed to change that I was eventually able to change with the help of one of the other developers on this community board. Unfortunately, at some point in our working together, he reached a point where he no longer had the resources to help, and suggested I learn how to code GDL. I would feel more comfortable soliciting help from one of you other developers on a pay by session basis if something reasonable could be worked out. I would like the chance to talk to you and explain how far along in the process I already am, possibly show you the arenas and the seats I need help with, and see if I can develop a working relationship that could be ongoing. I am simply a hobbyist who has never made a living in this field, and on SSA month to month. I need help. ANYONE OUT THERE?


Which version of AC are you using? Have you checked out the seating objects which were submitted for the recent Object Factory competition?



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Thank you for responding. I am sorry for not replying to your reply until now, but unfortunately, I have been sidelined by a series of medical issues which are ongoing but have rebounded to get back into the game and attempt to jump back into this passion project I need help with. I mentioned in my original 6/6 post that I am working with Archicad V22 Solo, which obviously limits the resources available to me as far as getting professional (or even amateur) help with my projects. I appreciate you giving me those other seat objects you offered, but they are a step backward, and would need even more editing than the seats I have already improved but been unable to get across the finish line. I need a developer with the expertise of coding (editing) the objects already in my project's library. I'm willing to pay said person on a session-by-session basis like I used to do when I first purchased Archicad if the price is reasonable. I am on a fixed income and SSA only goes so far.   If you can offer those resources, I would love to work with you, if you are not, can you network me to someone who can help me.




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