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GDL: Stair Dimensions


How do you go about pulling the Riser Height and the Tread Depth of a stair?


I had thought that STAIR_STRUCTURE_GEOMETRY[1][COORD_Z] was giving me the height, but this only seems to be the case when the Flight Start Support Connection is set to Horizontal... COORD_X seems to give me half the width all the time, not that that is relevant to me. Have no clue what COORD_Y is refering to...


All of the tread and riser variables appear to require a selection in order to return a non-zero answer...


_cutPolyVertAttr[iVert][DRAWPOLY_COORD_X] & _cutPolyVertAttr[iVert][DRAWPOLY_COORD_Y] look light they could be somehow used since they are used to cut the structure but I have not been able to figure out how they work either...




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There is the global RISER_HEIGHT.

The depth of a tread is not uniform, that's why its stored in STAIR_TREAD_GEOMETRY[n][3].
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