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Light MVO in GDL


I am trying to use the MVO for lights inside my GDL SCRIPT...


I cannot find the actual GLOB VARIABLE that would reflect the MVO selection... 


I see others that use the global variable   GLOB_MVO_STAIR....  for example....

But don't se any for LIGHTS or ELEC...


I tried to REVERSE ENGINEER an existing light, but GS GDL scripts go 9 ways to Sunday to do the simplest things!  So I could not follow... 


Any assistance would be appreciated!!!





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I guess you mean these three bad boys?




This is how it's done:

lamp_symb = 0
rrr = LIBRARYGLOBAL("LibraryGlobals13", "iLSymbol", lamp_symb)

if rrr and lamp_symb then
  ! your code here


Request the info from the "LibraryGlobals13" GDL (which constitutes the MVO panel).

The answer you can get is either 1, 2, or 3.

I think you'll figure it out from here on 😉

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