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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Master Info Control Object


I was hoping to create an object that could be used to control settings of other objects. (e.g set the Local Government Area which would update parameters across the title block, retaining wall matrix and driveway design matrix objects). I could have this happen with the MVO settings, however this poses a risk of editing the wrong MVO option set or redefining a view with the incorrect information. 


Is there another way of achieving this else besides the MVO that I might be missing here? 


This is why I work alone lol even though I have 3 licenses

Don't be worried we are all self taught!


It isn't layer control as you imagine it. It is layers within a GDL object. Here is a screenshot of some code that we used at my old practice for displaying objects differently on each storey. This met our need for a specific application, but it isn't suitable for all uses. This was storey controlled, but you could apply a toggle in the object to switch between (layers/views/content). which can be a simple UI for team members that struggle with MVO etc.




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I think I'm following. Essentially your code would work out which story it was being viewed from and adapt accordingly using the FRAGMENT command?


I was hoping that the settings of one object would affect multiple other objects and I cant seem to make the mental jump of how this might achieve that. 


In all these discussions I also had the thought that you could incorporate some logic to essentially remove the settings and print an error if the MVO wasn't just right. Although that might be just as convoluted.

I didn't write the script for this, someone that is clever at GDL scripting did that part, I understand the workflow need component. It depends on how many sheets the objects you need to switch or change out. There could be a simple solution to even have it as a single object placed on a worksheet that has multiple views created from it (and placed throughout the layout book where you need them placed). And through changing a setting in the object the whole object changes all of the content out and then you update your views. So many ways to skin the cat in Archicad.

Nathan Hildebrandt fraia
Director | Skewed
AC6 - AC27 | WIN 11 | i9-10900K, 3.7Ghz | 32GB Ram | NVIDIA GeForce RTX
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