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Resolved! Leaf thickness for door marker

I'm trying to make a custom door marker. One piece of information I want to use is the door leaf thickness. I have been trying to wade through the door script to find out what the parameter might be called with no success. I am looking for the parame...

Looking for tutorial on MVO Minimal Space

Hi,I haven't found any tutorial about how to use Minimal Space in MVO. I just want to see a simple cube surrounded by the line/fill representing the Minimal Space and how to program that in GDL so that MVO recognizes it. If you know a tutorial please...

RGB fills

Hi!I can create RGB fills by exploding a pdf file which includes colored fills. Sorting them by color seems to be impossible, or am I wrong? Anyway it would be nice to create RGB fills in 2d script in same way as You can define material in 3d script....

3D-marker, connected marker

Hi guys1. Is there a way to connect a marker with two elements and not only with one? We write on our elements like walls or slabs, but we have to design these elements often with more than one element (underlay and slab). Or is it possible to connec...

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Open Source GDL library project

Hi there,After long thinking on this subject I would like to hit the new Open Source GDL programming project on this forum. The idea to involve GDL developers worldwide to start building new, independent, international, non-commercial library for all...

Editable hotspots disappearing

Hi!I noticed the very strange behavior of editable hotspots. Written on ArchiCAD 21 it did behave OK. But later, in ArchiCAD 23 & 24 editable hotspots have disappeared.The reason is that the hotpots existed inside of two IF - ENDIF conditions: IF ......

Change image-file used in the "ui_script" of lib-object?

Hi dear all,how can I get a new image in an existing gsm-object? I want change an image, that is used in the UI-script (it shows some kind of 'quick-start-guide'-graphics).It is only linked by its index (?) : ui_pict 1, 0, pageStartY When I convert t...

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Inline Attributes

Is there any way, how to have inline attributes not polluting the project?The manual has a cryptic phrasing (as always), so I can't figure out, what's up with that.

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Resolved! GDL: fill selection

Is there any way to let the user have select only solid fills (those with %, also named translucent fills)?I know there is FILLTYPES_MASK, but thats the type of the usage of the fill.Of course I could just loop through all fills and hope the user has...

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