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Archicad Learn Portal question



Archicad introduced tools for structural modelling without any learning resources, 

now in the Graphisoft learn portal, two courses for structural modelling that costs 2400€ to learn how to model structures, 

did Graphisoft know how it's competitos are away infront in structural modelling ? andwith TONS of good tutorials and a base of thousands of users around the world that they NEVER pay 2400€ for an incomplete solution ?? 

same for GDL, Library part maker, Paramo, pay for basic courses to learn native tools, 


i feel confused, i dont have anwsers

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Yeah, this also baffles me as i have mentioned it elsewhere.   It really worries me that someone inside GS thinks its a good idea to charge this much for a solution that is very far from being complete and reliable, and most importantly ACCEPTED within the industry. its even more expensive than the Bim manager course. Maybe is a very well put together course! With lots of graphics and stuff, but who knows?


 In any case, if they really want to make an extra buck, wouldnt it make more sense to sell the Structural interfase AS A MODULE or ADD on for Archicad, and give educational material for free?  


Even an addon wouldn't be a good solution beacause the user SHOULD know how to use the original software before using the addon, 

A structural engeneer student, starts exploring, whould i choose Revit ? already have GREAT content on youtube , a large base of users that i can ask if i have troubles , or i choose Archicad , a new solution , almost 0 good content on youtube , and i PAY to learn it , then who knows, it would be good or bad .....


it's really strange how Graphisoft is trying to promote things ....



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The learn portal is just an excuse to charge for documentation covering the failings of the manual and the complex AC UI.

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We all saw what we thought was the Archicad 26 rollout this year. There was very little said about AC26. In fact it was the Graphisoft rebranded business model which made no bones about charging for stuff on the Learn portal. The move has been hiding in plain sight ever since.

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Which two courses are you talking about? Where does this 2400 EUR come from?

  • I see several (5) courses for Structural Engineers that are FREE.
  • I see the trainer-led "Structural Models in Archicad" course for 560 EUR.
  • I also see another trainer-led "Modeling and Coordination in Archicad for Structural Engineers" course for 560 EUR.
  • Then I see the "BIM Author Program" course for 1199 EUR, which currently has two delivery dates (doing one of them is enough). That course is composed of 17 Modules and includes the "Modeling and Coordination in Archicad for Structural Engineers" course. It is a much larger course covering a lot more that Structural.
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