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How to do Teamwork with your group?

How to start, tips & tricks on Teamwork - a guide for students In this article, you will learn how the BIMcloud Manager is structured, how to share a teamwork project, and how to link your own libraries and upload project-specific files to BIMcloud. ...

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Archicad Sample Projects - Designed by Students

Table of Content Vacation Home⎮Residential BuildingGrow⎮Residential, Large-ScaleJooste House⎮Residential, Large-ScaleRecreational Center⎮Commercial, Interior designWater Educational Center⎮Commercial, Interior designHow to start exploring the Sample ...

Why should I use Teamwork?

A guide for student groups about team setup and modeling strategies Are you a student? Are you using Architectural or engineering software? Do you struggle with group work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the article for y...

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BIMcloud and Teamwork FAQ - for students

BIMcloud basics and FAQ for students With BIMcloud for EDU, your teamwork projects are stored on our servers and automatic backups are performed. We set up your university's own access, and create users for you to join fellow students in collaboratio...

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