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AC11 Crash when manipulating object

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just downloaded and applied most recent hotfix (and no i did not have AC11 open)... now it will not let me delete any existing object or wall in the file... i can add an object and manipulate it... i can add a wall and manipulate it... i can manipulate existing markers ... but AC11 crashes when i try to do anything to an existing object or wall

sounds like that's the "new construction only" version of Archicad, which requires you to build what you draw before you are allowed to edit it 😉

That's definitely not a bug I've seen with it yet, though I've only used the new patch for about an hour.
Tom Waltz
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have you experienced anything like this now that you have been using AC11 with the patch now? I have attempted to open other files (solo and teamwork projects) and the same thing happens.. so, its not a corrupt file... i have uninstalled and reinstalled AC11 and loaded the patch again to see if anyting was wrong with the first patch install... and still the same result.....

I am also running the latest library update.... the up to date cadimage keynotes... and the grid tool add-on... i don't know if any of this affects anything.... but i am 90% sure it is the patch.... just trying to verify that i am not the only one
Kbot373 wrote:
... the up to date cadimage keynotes ...
they make some great add-ons, but they do often get a little flaky. i would suggest this is probably your problem.

remove the keynotes add-on from the add-ons folder, re-open your project and untick the box to remove the keynote data when prompted. save the file, replace the add-on and relaunch. you will probably have to assign your keynotes again . . .

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Greg Kmethy
We have recently discovered that the IFC Add-On can cause this problem. If you do not use IFCs, please disable the Add-On in the Add-On manager. If you use IFCs, please download the latest version from:
This version fixes the crash.

Gergely Kmethy
VP, Customer Success, Graphisoft
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