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After update to 1010: Missing add-on "Interactive Sched

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Whenever I start ArchiCAD after having updated it to 1010, it gives me the messange that the add-on, Interactive Schedule, is missing. I can choose not to get this message on startup, but that is not what is bothering me - it is the fact that it does not recognize the add-on even though I have it in my Graphisoft directory.

What can I do? Can anyone please help me? :'(
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I am guessing, but i think you are using an old add-on from the previous build. This is probably related to your other post of ArchiCAD crashing aswell. You should reinstall ArchiCAD making sure you uninstall the current version and delete any remaining folder the uninstall does not remove.
For every patch you install (1010 for example) you should download and install the Goodies. They are also revised!

Always read the release notes!

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