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ArchiCAD-Maxwell problem

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My problem is when I made simple object in Archicad and save it like .3ds to open and render in Maxwell, than I put bumped texture (stone,brick...) on the object and when render finished I just see one ugly colour, it wasnt recognized bumped texture.

Than I import in scene Maxwell library object, for example a cube. And after rendering material on that cube, its perfect and normal everyhing.

Than I tried in 3ds max (with maxwell render plugin), and again the same problem with render bump materials.

Anybody who had some similar problems? It seems that something is wrong with archicad objects with materials, maybe invisible mixing or what...?

thanks a lot...
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your scale is probably off. Try to determine the proper export unit. for 3ds out of archicad (in US feet / inches, use 10mm for conversion unit)

Wavefront OBJ is better, btw for exporting out of Archicad. But you should not use 3ds or obj for maxwell anyway. Use the ArchiMaxwell plug in.
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