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Archicad 26 Update 4 USA release crashing on startup ARM Mac


I recently downloaded the ArchiCAD 26 update 4 for my apple silicon Mac. I wasn't able to find the download with the preview update feature in ArchiCAD so I downloaded it manually.


After installation I couldn't open archiCAD without having to force quit. After uninstalling, re-installing, and re-updating, I still have the same issue. I just re-installed the 5004 update and things are running smoothly again.


Is anyone else having the same issue? I'd like to work in AC without all of the bugs that came with the Sonoma update.

AC26 5004 | MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2023) | Sonoma 14.0 | Apple M2 Max | 32 GB RAM
Barry Kelly

Update 4 is only a preview release at the moment.

If you are having trouble with it, be sure to report it to you local Archicad support so they can check it out and fix it for the final release.



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Yeah, I just updated and am having problems, too. 26 had a bunch of bugs since the new Sonoma update, and now it doesn't even open. I've been trying to use 27, but they still don't have the Mac version working without crashing on the regular. This is by far the worst release for the eight years I've been using Archicad. Absolutely horrible. The issues they have with 27 have been there since day 1 of the beta version, like six months ago, and they still haven't worked it out. 


Is something going on with Graphisoft? Is the company having trouble or something?

Tomasz Mlynarski
New York based Architect
Eduardo Rolon

Going back to 5004 preview fails to run.

Gave it a little more time and it launch. Looks like the first time to launch it takes more than 5 min, subsequent launches are ok.

Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
AC27 US/INT -> AC08

Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB ram, OS X 10.XX latest
another Moderator

Eduardo, the same thing happened to me. I went to get lunch and stare into the abyss to think about how both 26 and 27 were not working for me, and after coming back, 26 started to work.

Tomasz Mlynarski
New York based Architect

Same thing happening. Obviously a known issue. Would be good business for Archicad to add a big fat note in the download notes that this is a known issue before everyone updates.

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