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Archicad 26


Will the upcoming Graphisoft event include the release of Archicad 26?

Cornelis (Kees) Wegman

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Barry Kelly

I am of the belief that it is supposed to, although it is not particularly clear in the agenda of the event.

In one of the earlier e-mails promoting the event it said ...

"We’ll have keynotes, demos, and live Q&As to answer all of your burning questions on the future of BIM"


I assume this will be just a fairly quick overview of 26 and other things planned for the future, and there will be the usual videos and training material on the YouTube channel and Learn Portal.

I guess we just have to wait and see.



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There were waaaaaay to many warnings about information gathering, data sharing and sending to marketers for me to sign up.

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For its 40th anniversary, Graphisoft should dazzle everyone with the new features of Archicad 26. I can't wait this release.

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