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Force recovery of a AC13 file?

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Since upgrading to AC13 I have lost two separate AC files.
They have become un-openable.

They both have gone bad when saving. The first instance was when ArchiCAD froze during a manual save... The current one I am not sure what happened but the power went out. I am assuming that it was during a manual save I was doing right before plotting.
Both instances left no recovery file because archicad assumed they were saved. So every instance of the file has been saved in a corrupt format. The BPN, the PLN and the auto-recovery. Pretty grand. I think the bulk of the data is probably ok put ArchiCAD is just skipping past opening the file and going right to a blank AC file. No notification of an error or anything.
This is about the worst bug I have had to deal with as it occurs during the save process.
This instance I am back six hours to my remote carbonite backup copy.

Anyone have a trick to getting them to open? They just open very quickly to a grey screen. I have tried renaming them as dwg, etc... to get something to happen. The dwg triggers the recovery dialog and says the file is corrupted. When I agree to recover it goes to Open new file dialog...

I am gearing up to be six hours late with this to the printer and the builder. Hurah......
Barry Kelly
I have had trouble in the past with files not opening.
What worked for me in some cases was to open another file that is OK.
Ideally one based on the same template so it has the same layers, linetypes, etc.
Now the trick is not to close that file but to simply open the corrupt one from the menu.
Th existing file will close and the corrupt one will hopefully open.

To me it seemed there was some setting missing from the corrupt file that wouldn't allow it to work but having the other file open first set these values - whatever they wer.

I hope this works for you.
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Thanks Barry.

Tried it to no avail. When I open this file the file I have open doesn't even close. The screen sort of blips and the same file remains open. Very strange behavior.

Like to know your trick though, for future 'problem files'.
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