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Graphics Card tesla m10

Eg Le


@Minh Nguyen

Are there any test related to the graphics card NVIDIA m10? Is this card compatible with archicad?

Haris Matthaiou


NVIDIA's M10 belongs to a family of GPUs that the main utilization was around VDI applications.
This is not your typical GPU that you want to use on workstation PC and run Archicad. The main benefit when it was introduced back in 2016 was to allow a high number of virtual GPUs partitioned to serve dozens of users in a VDI solution. 

In terms of computation power, M10 is based on Maxwell chipset, but technically it's 4 low-end Maxwells into one: 4x640 cores,  4x 8 GB VRAM etc.

This was the approach NVIDIA took back then for GPU to support as many concurrent users as possible. 

In relation to Archicad compatibility, if installed in a workstation PC (no VDI), I'd say it would work, but it won't utilize the full potential of the GPU as it will use only 1/4 chipsets.

Unless you already own the GPU or you are planning to implement VDI solution with dozens of users, I suggest you look for other alternatives.
The more recent GPUs have better specs and features with a better overall price/performance ratio.


Eg Le



Minh does not work for GS anymore... people should stop tagging him for everything... Maybe that is why he got a new account.

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Yes, thanks for the reminder 🙂 I'm still around answering questions whenever I can, but I no longer have any direct connection to Graphisoft to be able to help with more advanced/technical questions

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