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Is it easy to master Archicad once you know Revit?

My husband and I are business partners, we have a firm together. The thing is that our Revit license will expire this Octuber and he is insisted we try Archicad once It's expired, He has used before so he has more expierience but I don't, all my life...

Resolved! AC 26 does not recognize network licenses.

I have AC23, AC24, AC25 of different localizations installed on this computer and all of them grab licenses from our license server over the network. However, AC26 INT does not see network licenses and shows a standard "demo" dialog box on open. Was ...

After signing in it freezes on windows 11

Hello, I am currently a high school student on a windows 11 laptop. I have signed into Archicad and put in my code for the education edition. After working on it for two hours I shut it down after saving when I opened it back the next day it said I n...

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