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Installer cannot find Java even if it is installed properly

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I have problem installing AC11!!! I've tried installing Java (either the one with CD or fresh new from or both). Nothing helped. I've tried this on 3 different PCs running exactly the same Windows XP SP3. But install fails for 2 of them. Please someone help me with this issue. I'm stuck!!! Installer says that there's no Java VM found and quits....

BTW, AC11 used to be installed on one of them before....
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u have to make sure there are no more than one java in your computers.

i suggest you to uninstall ALL the java inside your computers.

and install the one in
Pavelll73, I hope you solved your problem - it can be very frustrating as I recently found out when installing AC9 (I wanted to use the GDL Toolbox which won't work on newer versions). I don't know if you had the same problem I did, but here goes:

AC9 needs an old version of Java but that's another story.

On my system, I had a version of Java that hadn't installed properly for some reason. Uninstallation repeatedly failed halfway and I was soon pulling my hair out. To cut a very long story short, I had to reinstall the "bad" version of Java before I could remove it. Only then was I able to load ArchiCAD using the Java supplied on the installation disk. If you ever need an older version of Java, go to:

Angus, after I installed Java 1.4x for AC9, I installed 2 more versions of Java for AC10 & AC12 respectively without removing the previous ones and had no trouble. The problem didn't lie in having multiple versions (although I usually remove older ones) but in one bad install.

Hope this helps someone.
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