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No License Found ArchiCAD 27


Hi everyone,

I recently encountered an issue with my Archicad license activation and could use some guidance. Here's the situation:

I recently performed a cleanup of applications on my computer, and during this process, I inadvertently removed some files related to Archicad. Following the cleanup, I attempted to reinstall Archicad and input my license key. However, upon logging in, I received a message stating that my account has no active license.



About the status of my license, I checked the "Manage License" section and found that the license is still registered on my PC, according to the activity log.



I'm a bit confused about how to proceed from here. Could anyone offer advice on how to resolve this issue and properly activate my license?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Operating system used: Windows 11

Sefa Yakut


Please contact your local support about this issue. Your license may have been destroyed. For this reason, your local support will contact Graphisoft and apply for a new license with the declaration form they sent you.

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