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Not enough memory to render this module 8,5 h till deadline

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for repeating post, but I ask your help!

3,2 Dual Core, 4 Gb DDR3, Windows 7 x32, Archicad 12
2x8Gb for swap files.

I have restaurant floor for 100 ppl with about 120-150 sources of light. Everything was nice and easy, but suddenly I got this message "Not enough mem.." Funny part is, that I'm working with this project for a week now and had no problems. Restart does not help.

Now I cannot render anything, because it's keep giving me this message. Opening previous version of the file will give me the same message when I'm trying to render.
I'm just have no time to do everything from scratch.

Any ideas how I can squeeze a jpg from this beast?

Thanks in advance!

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Looks like rendering algorithm is quite funky. If you will try to render a camera with blank wall, but you will have millions of objects behind this wall you might get the error message.

Tip: If you got this message try to remove all the objects outside the camera focus and render again. It might help. (It helped me)
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