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ArchiCAD flythrough - more than 100 in-between frames?

Paul King
Hi, I have the urgent requirement to produce a 60 second fly around animation, and I need to achieve a very smooth camera path starting up high , swooping down low before returning up to start in a large loop around the project.

To minimize the visible transitions/jolting that normally occurs with every ArchiCAD camera position, I have defined the loop using just two cameras.

I now need a way to specify 1800 frames as in between frames (900 between each camera), but ArchiCAD wont let me enter more than 100 frames in this feild in the path dialog.

This seems crazy There is no upper limit described in the manual, and in fact the manual recommends increasing in between frame for additional smoothness. Imposing a limit of 100 frames after msaking that recommendation would precisely defeat the purpose, so I am hoping there must be something I am missing that would enable more in between frames without inserting more cameras

How can this be done? Inserting new cameras into the existing path without deflecting the path would be extremely difficult, as the height of the path is constantly changing.

What do others do in this situation?

Unfortunately I cannot render this in another package. (I use Octane render plugin for ArchiCAD)

Of course I have a huge deadline in two days - leaving me just about enough time to render 1800 frames ... if I received an answer within the next 30 seconds!
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I think there is no way to circumvent this 100 in-between frames limit.
The best I could recommend is to first draw the exact path of the camera using only arcs (no spline or other kind of path curve), because in that case it will probably be easier to figure out the exact parameters of the individual camera.

The other thing that comes to mind is what Dwight has advised many times, namely that from a presentation standpoint it is better to use straight camera paths in animations, something that I now tend to agree on.
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how about using the fence object that's been circulating on this board create the path?
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Erwin Edel
Just going from the top off my head: preview the flythrough and break it off and insert camera, thus adding in between cameras at the calculated positions?

Other option: make a morph line path in 3d. I've made smooth curving handrails this way before. You could grab the XYZ coordinates off this for your camera positions.
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