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Server and Teamwork sign-in speed

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We are looking to optimize systems. Does anyone know if upgrading our server holding the Teamwork files would decrease our sign-in and send+receive times? We currently have (8) 2x2.66 MacIntel workstations running gigabit to a 2.0 G5 xServe.

If we update to a MacIntel xServer, would those added horses under the xServe hood help?
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I doubt that a server upgrade would do you much good. The G5 is still a pretty fast machine and AC is generally not that demanding of the server hardware. On the other hand PPC support will be phasing out before long so you may have other reasons to upgrade.

It's more important to make sure that your network is up to speed. I assume you are on gigabit. You should also make sure that any slower devices (such as printers, etc.) are on a separate switch so that the 100baseT isn't slowing down the rest of the network.

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