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I have a strange problem with the tracker.when iam in the 3d view and let say i want to elavate an object by numric input in the tracker i would select a vertex i want to elavate press "TAB" so i select the coordinate i want to elavate, make an input and "Enter".but that is not the case with me.when i press "TAB" i can select between coordinates but direcltly if iam holding the TAB and the ESC at the same time.
it is really hard to explane

thanks for any help in advance
and sorry for my bad english
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I'm not entirely sure what is happening with your tracker deselecting, but if it helps you don't actually have to press TAB to enter a figure. When you have the 'elevate' button selected in the pet palette, just type a number and hit return.
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i also have tried this way and it is not working as well.just try to make an input while you are pressing the ESC and see what happens.this is exactly what happens when i try to make ana input

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