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Unable to install Grasshopper-Archicad 26 Live Connection


I need to integrate rhino and grasshopper with Archicad for my design project for university. Sadly, every time I follow the set-up wizard for Grasshopper-Archicad 26 Live Connection add-on, the prompt "Grasshopper-Archicad Live Connection for Archicad 26 runs with up-to-date Archicad 26 versions only, no such Archicad 26 installation is found on your computer" pops up. This keeps popping up despite there being the Archicad 26 app located in the folder. I've followed all the steps, which includes downloading rhino and grasshopper before-hand, but to no avail. I've been using Archicad 26 with no problems, and I just really need this add-on to work so I can continue with my project!

Any help would be appreciated!!



Zoltan Vale

Hi @streek121 

The Grasshopper-Archicad Live Connection for Archicad 26 has 3 different installers (updates), each requiring a minimum Archicad build number. You can find detailed information here about these specific builds :


You could also try updating Archicad in case you are not using the latest updates :

Zoltán Válé
GRAPHISOFT Product Manager


I'm having the same problem.


I have installed the lastest version of Archicad (26). And also rhino 7 and grasshopper. 


Any ideas on how this can be fix?




It would be useful to see the Installer's log.

It can be found in

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Install.GS

macOS: /Users/Shared/Install.GS