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When I install Archicad 2019 my pc sparkles


I first started to install Archicad 22. It worked fine, then I uninstalled it to install Archicad 19. I started to install it from the beginning to the end but when I click on finish the installation my pc starts to flicker. Please help me.

Rubia Torres

Hi @Davidgdk,


I am sorry to hear you're having this issue. It might be a good start to check if your computer meets the system requirements for Archicad 19. You can check them here.

If you can, please share more details about your machine. Are you using Windows 10? Have you experienced the flickering in a specific window or the whole screen? If everything on the screen is flashing, you might want to check this troubleshoot from Microsoft Support.

Now just out of curiosity, why did you choose to downgrade from AC22 to AC19?

I hope I could help you somehow. Let us know how it goes.



Rubia Torres

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Patrick M

like the screen flickers? monitor problems? graphics card problems? issues with goth teen highschoolers and their warewolf besties? (sorry, bad 2000's pop culture joke)

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