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Archicad 24 Crashes repeatedly

I have Archicad 24 running on Catalina and the program seems slow and then crashes at various times. The solution so far from UAS support is: Thanks for the feedback, I had a chat with a developer just now and they've suggested the following: 1. Upda...

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Very long saving

version 23.4006. Any project, including a completely empty file created from scratch, from a standard template and a standard profile, is saved for 20-30 seconds. The thing is that at home the same files, on exactly the same WIN7, with the same distr...

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Can't use 3D view on Archicad

Hello guys, can you please help me out? I've seen lots of topics regarding bad 3d view but nothing I've done has solved my problem. I have Archicad 20 (I've already tried 23 version as well) and whenever I go to the 3D visualization, nothing shows up...

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Archicad 23 freezes MacBook Pro

Hey Help is needed! Using Archicad 23 will freeze the entire system or crash the entire system. I have a 15 "Macbook pro, 2018. 2.6Ghz i7, 32GB DDR4 memory and Raedon Pro Vega 16. 4GB. MacOS Catalina operating system 10.15.7. Without an external moni...

Keisari by Participant
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Archicad 22 on Catalina or Big Sur (M1)

I am not upgrading until a long project is completed.( multi year) I have to restart my subscription or pay to upgrade. Question is: Will Archicad 22 run on Catalina Intel or Big Sur M1? I know it says compatible with Mohave. Thanks.

Library Load Error

When I'm in the office, I am able to run ArchiCAD normally on my PC. Recently I tried Remote Desktop Connection from home into my work PC and I'm getting this "Library Load Error" Message. It says, "LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is ...

dhnguyen by Contributor
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AC24 crashes when publishing a BIMX file

Hi, we have a BIG problem publishing a BIMX files with iMac on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H15) AC report fatal crash during BIMX saving process file on desktop. We have 3 iMacs with the Italian latest update 24.0.0 v1 ITA (4007) that DOES NOT SOLVE ou...