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macOS Sonoma Caps Lock Issue


I think I found a work around to the Caps Lock issue in ArchiCAD 27 (and potentially other older versions) with people working on macOS Sonoma. If you disable the new Sonoma caps lock function through a copy and paste in Terminal then it disables it throughout the OS. I did not like that new indicator showing up in AC or in other applications so I am happy to see it go. I copy and pasted from the link below (also the commands below) into to terminal and now I can keep my caps lock on. Hurray! 


Of course this required messing with the OS code so always words of caution with utilizing this (at your own risk). So far everything for me is stable and I will report back if I notice any issues with the OS, AC, or other software.


Link for code found:


Code to copy and paste in to Terminal below. Might ask for password to after copy and paste. Then restart computer and should work. 


sudo mkdir -p /Library/Preferences/FeatureFlags/Domain
sudo /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Add 'redesigned_text_cursor:Enabled' bool false" /Library/Preferences/FeatureFlags/Domain/UIKit.plist


Adam Lasota - AIA NCARB
Lasota Architects Inc.
User since AC 12 - Previous BIM Manager
AC 27 on M1 Max Macbook Pro and iMac Intel running Sonoma

I can confirm the cap locks crash still occurs in AC 27.1.2 with regular text. Ugh! How this is still occurring after two updates is totally beyond me. But it seems Graphisoft gives zero sh*ts about making a huge percentage of their users wait six months to fix something so basic.

Geoff Briggs
I & I Design, Seattle, USA
AC7-27, M1 Mac, OS 14.x
Tamas Gaspar

Dear All,

Indeed, I was wrong: the issue does not only happen with autotext label, but with other text-related tools as well. The development is working hard on the tests of Archicad 27.2.0, which contain numerous bugfixes. We should make sure that the update is being released in proper quality, so this why we need to wait some more days until the release it in the beginning of February.

Best regards,

Tamás Gáspár

Thank you!


as others have said, this is beyond frustrating. As an advocate and consultant promoting, training, developing, etc. for Archicad users, it is tough to give them the bad news on this one, and frankly it's embarrassing.
I have one client who the best I've told them is to avoid caps lock. 

It is NOT only autotext. If this patch only addresses this issue for autotext related crashes, it fixes practically nothing. Hoping for the update soon. I have nearly 100 people waiting on me to coordinate their software updates so they can get back to working normally and efficiently again. Recovering 10-20 crashes a day is killing peoples productivity and has already killed any kind of confidence in their BIM authoring tool

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2

You are correct...this is not simply related to auto text. I do not use the auto text feature. I don't know if this problem is primarily related to MacOS or not, but I'd prefer that Graphisoft not release a new version until it is fully tested and deemed compatible with the latest MacOS. I don't download Apple's Beta releases. I wait until the bugs are worked out. Being told to hold off on installing a new operating system for months on end is NOT a solution to the problem! I experience program crashes almost daily. It eats into my production time and this is EXTREMELY frustrating!!

Tamas Gaspar

Dear All,

The Preview version of Archicad 27.2.0 has been released to INT, USA, UKI, AUS, NZE, GER and AUT language versions. This Caps Lock issue is fixed in it everywhere in the software (so not only in Autotexts):

Thank you very much for your input and also the patience again.

Tamás Gáspár


Thanks for this fix!  It worked for me and all our other machines that are on Sonoma. 

Hi Tamas,


I have clients running AC 26 and Sonoma on both Intel and Silicon Macs.  I downloaded the preview updater for 26 and the intel version runs fine.  The Silicon version doesn't work, however.  When I run it, it says there is no AC 26 installed in default location and when I navigate to the Archicad 26 for Silicon Mac folder located in the Applications folder, it says it is the incorrect language which it is not (the install and updater are both for USA language version).


Any tips on resolving this would be appreciated as we are eager to get the Caps lock issue resolved as it's really impacted their workflow.



Dear @petersaywhat,

I am sorry to read about your issue. I reported this to the North-American technical support team, you can expect them to contact you soon.
Hopefully, they can help you to solve this issue.

Tamás Gáspár

Tamas, thank you for the quick response.  It turns out the International version of AC 26 was originally installed.  I have uninstalled it and installed the USA version and updated to 7001 successfully.  

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