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BIM components other website, i.e. intranet?

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I wonder if anyone can help me on this one - We would like to have our office library accessible not only to our ArchiCAD users but also as a viewing window to the Revit and AutoCAD users in the same company (yes we are surrounded by the Dark Side!) - for this reason:

We'd like them to be able to browse our intranet information system and see the vast possibilities of our software and library - it may be a passive way to see some of them migrate over to ArchiCAD or be more enticed to work on the ArchiCAD projects we have - or even decide on using ArchiCAD as their platform for new projects.

"BIM components" seems such a powerful solution for ArchiCAD users and we could use this by creating a library of all our office parts and uploading them to a website which would be our own internal one. Staff could browse what is there, but ArchiCAD-using staff could drag and drop the objects into their projects.

Is this possible?

TIA for any advice...
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We've recently launched something similar to this with our private libraries:

Send me an email scott (at) and I can tell you more about the private features which might help you...

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