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Car turning curves —“driving styles”, “Fahrweise”, what is it

There is a GS Cars Turning Curves object in which one can pick between two “driving styles”, 1 and 2. The object was originally German, and in the script they call that Fahrweise. Style 2 gives a tighter curve —if I had to guess I would say the vehicle comes to a stop, turns the wheels, and then starts. I've Googled with no success. Anybody knows?


This one is a much simpler version of that, a Graphisoft object, originally in German. I am sure the Driving Styles/Fahrweise must refer to some DIN standard or whatever, but I just can't find a description.

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No. 1 is a quite fast drive. The driver seats relaxed, one elbow out of the window, in the other a cigarette by driving to curve. ^^

No. 2 is the needed minimum, hard to drive, need of experience for the driver.

Use No. 1 - think to the drivers!

might be dumb, but what about left-hand drive, vs right-hand drive?
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I would guess it has to do with the size of the vehicle / distance of axles.

It does mean driving style though. Whenever I pass through Germany on the way to Czech Republic to visit my inlaws, I can safely say that there are BMW drivers and other drivers on the autobahn!

It could be related to speed, but ussually when you are working with absolute minimal size of turns, you assume the vehicle is driving slowly.

Wouldn't you feel more safe using the local regulations or are you working on a project in Germany? I think they have rules that change from state to state there... it's a nightmare!
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