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D1 20 door leaf inside wood grain is wrong

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The inside leaf surface has the wood grain in the rails and styles going the right direction, but the panels are going the wrong direction. The outside surface wood grain goes the right direction. What am I doing wrong?


Wouldn't the door be painted? So, does it really matter what direction the grain is in?

If it does, you may have to create a custom door leaf with the preferences that you want. It usually is not a long process. I am sure you could find a video on which would walk you through the process.
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Duplicate your wood grain surface and rotate the image used by 90 degrees. Assign the duplicated surface to the door panels only.

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Sorry for the slow response.
Here in Arizona we like our solid wood stained doors.
This is an out of the box door with out of the box duplicate rotated material. It works on one side of the door, but not on the other.
I see lots of videos on how to make an odd shaped metal window. I don't see any on how to model a raised panel wood door with varying grain directions. I don't see any videos on how to copy the panels in the library and modify them. Even if it is a good gdl tutorial I would appreciate the link.

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