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Interior elevation bug – wrong pen on bordering elements


I think there is a bug related to interior elevations and elements that are exactly touching the elevation limit. Tested in AC27 (5003 NOR).

It seems related to composite building elements and how their cut lines are defined – composite elements seem to still retain a "basic structure" cut line that may show up in some cases, this might not be the only case where it happens.


Steps to reproduce :

1) Create a simple room with 4 walls and floor / ceiling slabs.

2) Create an interior elevation, making sure that at some of the elevation limits are placed exactly at the interior face of the walls and slabs defining the room.

3) Set the surrounding walls / slabs to be basic elements, and set the cut line to a heavy, colored pen that is seldom used (this is mostly for identifying the issue).

4) Now change the walls and slabs to a composite structure, but make sure the inside face stays in the same place – precisely on the elevation limits.

5) The elements just touching the IE limits will now be drawn with the cut line pen that was defined in step 2 – other walls and slabs should show as expected.

6) Try moving the IE limits, the wrong pen shows up when they coincide with the inner surface of the structure.


An obvious workaround is moving the IE limit a small amount.

Edit : Another workaround is selecting the affected elements, then opening the settings dialog > changing structure to basic > define correct cut line pen > change structure back to composite > finally close the settings dialog. This lets you redefine the offending pen and should work on multiple composite walls simultaneously, but I wouldn't trust it on a large project without more testing.





Operating system used: Mac Apple Silicon 12.7.2 Monterey


IE cut line basic.jpg


IE cut line composite.jpg


IE cut line composite 2.jpg



Setup info provided by author