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Door Frame fill

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This is less of a real issue and more of a general annoyance when looking at a plan. Has anyone come up with a good way to represent a door frame when there is a fill beneath? Have a look at the images below. The first is with the door frame fill set to white, you can see here it works to show that the frame is on top of the floor fill, but at larger scales the wall cut line is visibly obstructed. In order to not obstruct the wall cut I turn the door frame fill off however, obviously, the floor fill beneath is visible in the frame.

Has anyone resolved this? Other than trimming each floor fill around a door frame that will most likely move at some point...


I can see that being a real annoyance. Can you explain or post a screenshot of your door's wall enclosure, casing and reveal settings? It's possible this could be resolved by changing the enclosure type or other settings but I would definitely like to learn more in case this is a fix I need to report.

Nicholas Cornia
Technical Support Team - GRAPHISOFT North America
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I've attached a screen grab showing wall closure and reveal settings. As it is a commercial door there is no casing setting.

Any ideas?
Screen Shot 2012-06-07 at 7.53.49 AM.png

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Any ideas on this? Seems to remain an issue with Archicad 16 library parts...

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