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save custom material to object?

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Is it possible to save my own custom material to a custom object?

The cup I made has the material I created.

But the material only works if it is added to the embedded library of the project.

Is there a way to 'embed' the material within the .gsm file so that when uploaded to BIMCOMPONENTS it is available as a whole file?

I hope that makes sense, many thanks


You can define custom material in GDL (refer to Material and Texture commands in GDL manual)

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Thanks Piotr, will have a go at scripting. Looks complicated though! do you know if it is covered in the creating gdl objects ITG?

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
You can check the GDL Reference Guide PDF for the command DEFINE MATERIAL.
It has many parameters but many of them correspond to the settings and sliders in the Materials Dialog so you can get an idea of what each is controlling.
There are also examples there.
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