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Fence Gates / Entrance gates

Hi, I have used normal double hinged door for the gates on the fence wall (see attachment).

The problem is that I can't see the door on ground floor plan because the fence wall height is below the story height.

I have already tried the following:
1. Change the Floor Plan cut Plane Settings - no lack
2. Clone the View on plan and change the Floor Plan cut Plane Settings to a lower value - this works but I am loosing the section fills of the walls and columns on the ground floor.
3. Save the door as an object - this solution is restricted for changes.

Any other ideas please?

(Archicad 21, Windows 10x64)
Ivan Myers
Hi there,
I just tried making a short door in a plan and I would suggest:
Select the gates > go to Floor plan and Section in the Settings Dialogue > go to Floor plan Display and change the setting to "Overhead All." Hope that helps

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Hi Ivan, unfortunately this didn't help.
I have found a solution just by accident. I did set the "Cut Plane height to current story" to "0" and now I can see the those doors on floor plan.
I have noticed that in Archicad 21 there is a little problem with refreshing the Plan View, so to be able to see the changes you need to go up or down a story first on View Map.

Have you tried setting the Floor Plan Display of the wall to Symbolic Cut?


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